Privacy Policy

LG Household & Health Care (hereinafter referred to as the ‘company’) places great importance on personal information protection for members or user (hereinafter referred to as a ‘user’) who use services provided by the company (hereinafter referred to as the ‘service’). The company follows 『Personal Information Protection Act』 , 『Information Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act』, 『Personal Information Protection Guidelines』 and 『Consumer Protection Law in E-commerce』 enacted by Korea Communication Commission. The company informs how and what for personal information provided by users is used and how the company takes a measure to protect personal information through the personal information handling policy.

Article 1 Purpose of Handling Personal Information
Items of personal information to be collected
The company handles personal information for the following purposes. The personal information handled is not used for anything other than the following purposes. When the purpose of using the service is changed, the company will take necessary measures such as obtainment of additional consent in accordance with Article 18 of ‘Personal Information Protection Act’.

1. Homepage Membership and Management
The company handles personal information for many different purposes such as identification of intention to become a member, self-identification/certification in accordance with membership service provision, maintenance/management of membership qualifications, self-identification according to implementation of the limited self-identification system, prevention of service abuse, many different announcements/notices, grievance settlements, and so on.
2. Goods or service provision
The company handles for many purposes such as personal information delivery of goods, service provision, mailing of an agreement/bills, contents provision, provision of customized service, self-certification, age certification, fee payment/settlement, and debt collection.
3. Grievance settlements
The company handles for many purposes such as civil petitioners’ identification, checkup of civil complaints, contacts/notices for fact-investigation, notices of handling results, and others.

Article 2 The Handling and Retention Period for Personal Information
1. The company handles and retains personal information within the handling and retention period for Personal Information according to the law or within the handling and retention period for Personal Information that the company receives consent when collecting personal information from a main agent who provides information.

2. In principle, the company destroys the corresponding information without delay after achieving the purpose of collecting and using personal information. But, the company preserves the following information for a specified period as the following reasons.
ο Preservation item: Login IDs and names
ο Basis for preservation: Cross protection in service use
ο Preservation time: preserved for 5 years

In addition, the handling and retention period for personal information are as follows.

(1) Homepage membership and management: until the cancellation of business operator’s/ group Homepage
But, the company handles and retains personal information until the corresponding reason is end in a case related to one of the following reasons.
1) Until the corresponding investigation/inspection is finished when the investigation/inspection in breach of the relevant law is in progress
2) Until the corresponding claim-obligation relationship is settled when the claim-obligation relationship according to the use of the company’s homepage is remained

(2) Until goods/service supply is completed and fees are completely paid/settled
1) Transaction records such as marks/advertising, agreement contents, and implementation according to 「Consumer Protection Law in E-commerce」
- Records related to marks/advertising: 6 months
- Supply records such as cancellation of an agreement or a subscription, payment, and goods : 5 years
- Records related to consumer complaints and disputes handled: 3 years
2) Storage of records that factual communication is identified according to Article 41 of 「Communication Secret Protection Act」
- Records related to dates of a member’s telecommunication service, the starting/closing date, the number of the other members, frequency of service use, and base station tracking: 1 year
- Data related to computer communication, internet log records, and accessed place tracking: 3 months
- Transaction ledgers or documentary evidence: 5 years (the basic national tax law and corporate tax act)

Article 3 Personal Information Items Handled
The company handles the following personal information item.

1. Names, IDs, passwords, resident registration numbers: used in the procedure of self-identification, point (mileage) accumulation and use according to service use.
2. E-mail address and telephone number: delivery of matters of notice, securing of smooth communication routes such as handling of customer dissatisfaction, information provision related to new services, new products, or events (use of DM, SMS, and E-mail), mailing of premiums and discount coupons, and supply of anniversary (wedding anniversary and birth day) coupons and events
3. Information related to bank accounts and credit cards according to payment methods: payment for product purchase
4. Address: securing accurate destinations for delivery of premiums and shopping items
5. Other selections (marital status, skin types, and jobs): Data to provide personally customized services

Article 4 Provision of Personal Information to the Third Party
The company handles personal information of a main agent who provides information within the limit specified in Article 1. The company provides personal information for the third party only when it conforms to Article 17 of ‘Personal Information Protection Act’, special regulations of the relevant law with the consent of a main agent who provides information.

Article 5 Consignment of collected personal information
The company consigns personal information to improve services as follows and defines requirements so that personal information can safely be managed when a consignment contract is concluded according to the relevant law. The company specifies matters related to responsibilities such as personal information handling prohibition, technical/management protection measures, the limit of reconsignment, management/supervision of consignees, and compensation for damage in the document such as an agreement form in addition to the purpose of implementing consignment works according to Article 25 of Personal Information Protection Act when a consignment contract is concluded. Moreover, the company supervises whether a consignee handle personal information safely.
When the content of a consignment work or a consignee is changed, the company plans to disclose the fact without delay through this personal information handling policy.

Institutions that the company consigns personal information handling to and contents of the consignment work are as follows.

Consignment works of a consignment company, The retention and use period of personal information
When a member managed by Efusioni website and system cancels from its membership or
Until a consignment contract is terminated
Megazone Online Marketing Agency Business
Nice Information Service Co., Ltd: works related to members’ real name identification and self-identification
Korea Association for ICT Promotion (KAIT)
Hanjin Express, CJ Korea Express Corporation
Post office’s delivery works of goods by parcel service
Nuriwon Planning

Article 6 Rights and Obligations of Main Agents who Provide Information and Exercising Methods
A user can inquire or correct his/her personal information registered anytime and make a request for membership termination.
You can directly read, correct, and cancel your personal information after passing through the self-identification procedure by clicking “membership cancellation” to inquire and correct users’ personal information or to terminate membership
When you make a request for correction to errors in personal information, the company does not use or provide the corresponding personal information until the correction is completed. Moreover, when the wrong personal information has already been provided for the third party, the company is supposed to notify the third party of results of correction handling to enable correction.
The company handles personal information terminated or deleted at the request of a user according to what is specified in “the retention and use period of personal information collected by the company”. Moreover, the company handles the data not to be read or used for other purposes.

Article 7 Procedures and Methods of Personal Information Destruction
In principle, the company destroys the corresponding information without delay after achieving the purpose of collecting and using personal information. Data destruction procedures and methods are as follows.

1. Destruction procedures
Information that a member input for membership is destroyed after it is stored for a certain period of time according to reasons for information protection (refer to the retention and use period) in accordance with the internal policy and other relevant laws. The above personal information is not used for other purposes other than retention, not the legal case.
2. Destruction methods
- Personal information stored in the e-file form is deleted by technical methods that cannot regenerate records.
- Personal information printed out on papers is shredded by a shredder or destroyed through incineration.

Article 8 The person in Charge of Personal Information Protection and Services for Civil Complaints of Personal Information
The company takes responsibility for works related to personal information handling as a whole and designates the person in charge of personal information protection as follows to handle complaints of main agents who provide information and damage relief with regard to personal information handling.
▶ The person in charge of personal information protection
Name: Man Hee Lee
Position: Chief of the sector of Brand Advertising/Promotion and Consumer Survey
Contact: 02-6924-6330,, fax: 02-6924-6068
※ ( ) is connected to the department in charge of personal information protection.

You can make a report on all types of civil complaints related to personal information protection that occurs in using the service provided by the company to a personal information manager or the department in charge. The company will quickly make a satisfactory response to the matters reported by users

Please contact the following institutions when you need a report or a consultation in case of other violations related to personal information.
1. Personal Information Violation Report Center (
2. ePrivacy Mark Certification Committee (
3. Internet Crime Investigation Center, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office (
4. Cyber Terror Response Center (

Article 9 Measures to Secure Safety of Personal Information
(LG Household & Health Care has taken the following technical and management measures to secure the safety lest personal information should be lost, stolen, exposed, or damaged in handling your personal information.

1. Technical Measures
- Your personal information is protected by your password. The important data is protected through an additional security function by encoding files and the data sent or using a lock function.
- (LG Household & Health Care takes measures to prevent damages caused by computer viruses by using a vaccine program on a server. A vaccine program is periodically updated. The company takes measures lest personal information is infringed or damaged by providing a vaccine as soon as it is released when a sudden virus occurs.

- LG Household & Health Care used encryption algorithm to send personal information on a network safely.
- The company has done everything to secure the security by managing a firewall system and a security system per server in preparation for an outside invasion such as hacking

2. Management Measures
- LG Household & Health Care limits your authority to access personal (corporate) information to the minimum number of people. People who come under the minimum number of people are as follows.
. People who carry out works related to personal information management such as a personal information manager and a person in charge of personal information
. People who carry out marketing works by directly dealing with members
. People who inevitably deal with personal information on business
- The company has implemented a regular in-company education and a commissioned education related to new security skills and obligations to secure personal information protection for employees who handle personal information.
-. The company has prepared the internal procedure to prevent information leakage by people in advance and to inspect whether an employee carries out and follows the personal information handling policy through a security oath required for all employees made prior to their starting .
- The work transition between personal information handlers is thoroughly made in a state that security is maintained and the company clarifies where the responsibility for a personal information-related accident lies after starting and resigning from the company.

3. Physical Measures
- A data processing room and a data depository are set up as a specially protected area to become strictly off-limits.
- LG Household & Health Care does not take any responsibility for a problem caused by leakage of personal information such as an ID, a password, and a resident registration number due to a user’s own carelessness or any internet problem
- The company follows technical and management measures in accordance with “Information Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act”.

Article 10 Matters related to Installation, Management, and Refusal of the Automated Personal Data Collection System
The company operates ‘cookies’ that stores and search your information. ‘Cookies’ are stored in the hard disk of your computer as very small text files that the server used in managing the website of oo sends to your browser. The company uses ‘cookies’ for the following purposes.
▶ Purposes of using cookies
- Provide the target marketing and personally customized services such as analysis on access frequency or visiting time of members and non-members, identification of users’ tastes and interest areas, tracking, identification of the level of participation into many events and the number of visits, and others
You have the option to install cookies. Therefore, you can allow all the cookies, pass through an identification process whenever a cookie is stored, or refuse the storage of all cookies by setting up an option in your web-browser.

▶ How to refuse the installation of cookies
Example: a member can allow all the cookies, pass through an identification process whenever a cookie is stored, or refuse the storage of all cookies by setting up an option in your web-browser by selecting an option of your web browser as a method to refuse the installation of cookies.
An example of installation methods (a case of Internet Explorer): an instrument on the top of a web browser> internet options > personal information
But, there will be difficulties in service provision when your refuse the installation of cookies.

Article 11 Other Personal Information Handling Policies
1. LG Household & Health Care does not accept an application of a child under age 14, required for the consent of a legally authorized representative.
2. Link Sites
LG Household & Health Care can provide you with websites of other companies or data links. In this case, since it does not have any control authority on the outside sites and data, LG Household & Health Care can neither take responsibility for nor guarantee the usefulness of services or data provided by that side.
When you move to another site by clicking a link that Household & Health Care includes, you need to review the policy of the site that you newly visit because the personal information handling policy of the corresponding site is unrelated to LG Household & Health Care.

3. Postings
LG Household & Health Care values your postings and protects them not to be falsified, damaged, and deleted as best we can. But, the following cases are exceptional.
- Spam postings (ex: advertising for a special site)
- Writings that damage other people’s honor through the spread of false information for the purpose of slandering other people
- Postings that release other people’s identities without any consent, infringe the copyright of LG Household & Health Care and the third party, and contain other contents different from the topic of a bulletin board
- LG Household & Health Care can delete some specific parts or post after modifying some letters with signs when other people’s identities are released without consent in order to revitalize the desirable bulletin culture.
- The company takes a measure to ensure that there is no misunderstanding by identifying routes on the corresponding posting when it is the content movable to a bulletin board operated under the different topic.
- The company can delete after an overt or individual notice in other cases.

4. All the rights and responsibilities related to the posting basically lie with an individual who write a posting. Since it is difficult to protect information voluntarily revealed through the posting, a poster should carefully consider the content before information release.
5. User Rights and Obligations
(1) A user needs to prevent any unexpected accident by inputting your latest personal information. A user should take responsibility for an accident caused by incorrect information that he/she inputs. When a member input false information by stealing other people’s information, the qualification for membership can be lost.
(2) You have obligations to protect yourself and not to infringe other people’s personal information along with the right that your personal information is protected. You need to be careful lest your personal information including your password is leaked and to pay attention not to damage other people’s personal information including postings. When you do not carry out your responsibility and damage other people’s information or dignity, you may be punished according to 『Information Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act』.
6. The Scope of the Personal Information Handling Policy
The personal information handling policy is based on relevant laws such as [Information Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act].
All the websites managed by LG Household & Health Care Ltd. are as follows. The above policy applies to all the websites operated by LG Household & Health Care Ltd. unless otherwise explained.

- LG Household & Health Care Homepage
- Ohui Homepage
- Whoo Homepage
- Su-m 37 Homepage
- Belif Homepage
- Frostine Homepage
- Isaknox Homepage
- Lacvert Homepage
- Sooryehan Homepage
- Cathycat Homepage
- Vonin Homepage
- Beautiplex Homepage
- Ohui Consultant Homepage
- Babience Homepage
- Elastine Homepage
- Perioe Homepage
- Beyond Homepage
- Careshop
- Nanasb Homepage
- Iconnect Homepage
- LG B2B Homepage
- lsumer Homepage

7. Precautions to Protect Personal Information
.You should remember that other people can collect and use any personal information that you voluntarily provide online (a bulletin board, E-mail, or others). In other words, when you post your personal information online that everyone can access in public, you may receive unwanted messages in response.

The user should take management responsibility for his/her user ID and password. Therefore, you need to pay special attention when you get on the internet. Moreover, it is recommended to avoid using a password that other people can easily guess. It is desirable to change your password on a regular basis.
Especially, when you move to another site in a log-in state after you get on our homepage on a pc jointly used, you need to end the corresponding homepage after certainly handling log-out when you end using the service. If not, there is a risk that your information such as an ID and a password can easily be leaked to other people through the corresponding browser.

Article 12 Change of Personal Information Handling Policy
When it changes the personal information handling policy, the company will announce the fact through website notices (or individual notice).
The above personal information handling policy takes effect on August 31, 2012. You can check up the previous personal information handling policy as follows.

ο The version number of the personal information handling policy: LGHH_120801_1.1
ο The effective date of the personal information handling policy: October 19, 2007
ο The final change date of the personal information handling policy: August 31, 2012
▶Seeing the previous personal information handling policy (effective from January 11, 2011 to August 30, 2012.)
▶Seeing the previous personal information handling policy (Effective from April 22, 2009 to January 11, 2011)